Wedding Party, Bride and Groom, Celebtation
              Time to celebrate - time for something different!

The formailities are over and you have lots of celebrating to do with a drinks reception going on, wedding breakfast on the way and probably an evening buffet to look forward to.

These are moments to enjoy in the company of your freinds, so why not choose a musical backdrop to suit this special mood.

David Shepherd is a renowned flamenco guitarist who has tailored his set to enhance your wedding day. Keeping the mood light, his flamenco programme is also a distinctly different  choice to the typical string quartet or jazz band and is something your guests will remember.

David's flamenco set is usually accompanied by hand percussion and, if desired, bass guitar, giving it a lively and sophisticated feel. Listen to his Rumba Flamenca to appreciate the joyful rhythms of this great music.

Chat with us if you are interested in trying our flamenco option on your wedding day!