Wedding Planning - It's All About Timing!

There’s always a lot to think about when you start to plan a wedding, hence the often mentioned stress involved in producing a day that is supposed to be an enjoyable celebration!

One reason it can become a little hectic is timing. Most couples find out (thankfully, from helpful wedding organisers well before the day) that they need to allow more time for everything than they first imagined.

Yes, it only takes about 20mins to walk a few steps, say ‘I do’, exchange rings, kiss your beloved and sign some paperwork, but then there are the guests arriving before all this starts and the photos after it is over, resulting in at least another 40mins which can easily be underestimated. And that’s just the ceremony.

Couples who think these parts of the ceremony are short enough not to need live music do sometimes wish they had factored in the waiting and engaged somebody to play or and gently sing either side of the ceremony. Also, the visual aspect of having a live musician can be very appealing before and after ceremonies as it shows you are thinking about your guests, even when you are not there.

At Wedding Music Ideas, we aim to help with this kind of essential planning, as well as playing live music or providing vocal wedding songs to join everything up and keep people entertained.

Your drinks reception will probably be anything up to 2 hours long and (if this seems a lot) don’t try to squeeze it into less than 1 hour because the reception provides a much needed break, chance for family group photos, chatting, congratulations and more wedding songs to enjoy! If the wedding supper does appear a little sooner that’s great, but it’s generally not advisable to place these two things tightly together or you could miss out on some relaxed wedding photos and good times.

The wedding supper is usually relatively simple as, once you are sat down, that’s that. If you are having musicians playing or singing through your wedding supper they might need to move themselves and their equipment from the drinks reception so allow them a little time to do this, say 20-25mins.

Some venue organisers are very keen for wedding musicians to be set up and ready to play before the first guest arrives, and in every situation. Realistically, this can not only be stress-inducing but unnecessary as guests often enjoy watching the players setting up. A little behind-the-scenes informality as the day goes on can be fun!

Personally I do always aim to be ready and waiting. However, if plans change on the day then we have to adapt. A little polite chat with the guests while you are moving items and setting up can be quite diverting for them, and couples often appreciate that we have taken time out from playing to engage with their guests.

Recently, we had guests at a Coombe Abbey wedding take some lovely photos of their toddler sitting on our cajon! We also played a mini-set at the end of the wedding supper for 3 enthusiastic young children who were dancing away to our Latin jazz and flamenco pieces. There really isn’t a way of predicting moments like these, but every wedding does give us the chance to provide some more lovely memories for you and your guests.

Wedding Music Ideas are here to chat about all of this and help plan your wedding music & songs for the big day. Equally importantly, we keep listening and remain adaptable on the day itself because there are always the weather, head chef and lots of other interesting variables to work around.

Happy wedding planning!

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