New Friends at Quinn Artistes

Part of my 'busy October' was establishing a productive working relationship with those efficient and helpful people at Quinn Artistes who sent me to play at the equally friendly Moor Hall Golf Club in Sutton Coldfield - quite close to my own stamping ground of Coventry in the West Midlands.

I set up my pa and, as the guests started arriving, began my first set which was mostly Spanish music as the members were having a tapas night.

However, the guest of honour had other ideas and politely asked me if I'd mind changing my set to a more general pop/rock instrumental programme as he was a big fan of The Carpenters. This is not the kind of polite request any professional musician hoping to be well received is wise to ignore!

Two and a half hours later, I was very glad to hear from a cheerful honoured guest that he had enjoyed my music-making and so had the other 150 members - who applauded appreciatively before I departed.

Just one of those moments when I've been very glad to have a varied set list up my sleeve.

Quinn Artistes have been good to me and set up a posh looking biography page but perhaps I should let them know I can play more musical styles than classical and spanish music - and I must mention The Carpenters!

#Coventry #SocialEvent #WestMidlandsEvent

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